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No more losing coins or tickets. With our swipe system, we make all the hassle disappear. All you keep up with is the card.

Dollars Chips Supercharged
$5 21 +$1 supercharged (+9 chips)
$10 48 +$2 supercharged (+12 chips)
$15 70 +$2.50 supercharged (+15 chips)
$20 100 +$3 supercharged (+25 chips)
$50 300 +$6 supercharged (+75 chips)
Dollars Game Card Bonus
$15 +$1 supercharged
$20 +$3 supercharged
$50 +$8 supercharged
$100 +$20 supercharged

Best Deal: $100 = +$20 Bonus

Hologate Virtual Reality

Hologate transports you into the immersive world of virtual reality where you can fight zombies, robots, dragons, or challenge each other in a heart-pounding virtual dance battle. You can either work together as a team with your friends or compete head to head. You’re gonna want to try this!

Price – $8 a person