It’s right up your Alley.

Whether your ball ends up in our gutter or you bowl a strike every time we will save a seat for you on our purple couches.

Lane Pricing Per Hour

We recommend no more than six on a lane when you bowl so everyone can have time to play.

If you have more than six on a lane you have to really keep it rolling.

Days Up to six people
Monday - Thursday $28.50
Friday - Sunday $32.50

Shoe Rental: $4 per person.

Alley After Dark

Tryna get turnt? 21 and older only please. This isn’t a party for the high schoolers.

Every Friday and Saturday 10:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

League Bowling Schedule

We are proud members of both the USBC & BPAA.
Fall Leagues 32 weeks (September – May)


Guys n Dolls: 6:30 pm 
Teams consist of 2 bowlers mixed both men and women


Tuesday Nite Mixed: 6:30 pm
Team consist of player mixed both men women.


Magic 4: 10 am
Team consist of four women


Spice of Life: 11:30 am
Teams of 3 or 4 senior bowlers mixed men and women ages 50+

Midsouth: 6:00 pm
Teams of 4 bowlers mixed men and women.


Youth League: 10 am 
Kindergarten – High School Seniors / Individual or teams / Scholarship Opportunities 

Wanna Join
Billy Fox: (256) 393-9971 – USBC Etowah County President. Contact for Youth League.
Mary Ann Amm: (256) 494-7876 – League Secretary Guys & Dolls, Tuesday Nite Mixed, Magic 4, Midsouth, Monday City
Marie McCluskey: (256) 266-3540 – League Secretary of Spice of Life