The Alley

Keep it Rolling



It’s right up your Alley. Whether your ball ends up in our gutter or you bowl a strike every time we will save a seat for you on our purple couches.

The Gutter

We’ve all got rough edges. We designed our bar to highlight the rough parts instead of hiding them. Come stand around graffitied garbage cans and talk some trash. Maybe even get trashed. Or drink moderately. Whatever floats your boat.


Bring your appetite, roll up your sleeves, and order something scrum-dilly-umptious. Our street style food will make you wanna lick your plate. Gather ‘round our table, we don’t want anyone leaving hangry.


Welcome to the High Roller’s Spot. From nostalgic arcade games to the latest and greatest, we’ve got it all. Whether, you’re a casual gamer or an expert, four
years old or eighty-four, happy dances are appropriate when you hit the jackpot.



We want you to venture to a place where you can completely and utterly be yourself. We spend our lives doing boring stuff. We’re dedicating your time with us to real life merry-making, move-busting, giggles, and happy faces. Come in, let your hair down, prop up your feet, and make some memories.